Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ami-Neko aka Storm

This is Storm. Storm is an Ami-Neko, which means (loosely translated) "cat-doll" in Japanese. Storm belongs to Praxton and is named so because of his stormy colors. "Grey clouds and blue rain is a storm, Mom." Wisely noted, my son.

Storm likes to sleep. Sheesh, he is ALWAYS sleeping. Even when he's in the back of a dump truck fighting the evil Decepticons, he is sleeping. It's the best! Sleep on, sweet prince.

I found the pattern for Storm long before it appeared on Ravelry and it was an instant favorite.I crocheted two others for some friends before I made Storm for Praxton. One was hot pink and purple, the other black and orange. Their girls LOVED them. So much to love!!!

I love the floppy arms and legs. I never stuff them so they stay nice and floppy, great for posing. But, the paws get a generous helping of stuffing to weigh them down. It helps the mentioned flopping. The longer the limbs, the better, I say. =)

His muzzle was confusing to make at first. You basically crochet an egg-shaped form, squish it flat and sew it onto the head. Add the mouth or don't. He's cute either way. I'd like to try another one and make his eyes open just to see what personality pops through. Hmmmm...

Otherwise, he's a wonderfully, simple Neko who makes a sleepy boy even sleepier.



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Janine (the re-do)

Janine F. is a sweet little girl from Gilbert, AZ. 
She was the adoptive daughter of one of the loveliest families in our church area. 

One day I was knitting on the front lawn of a church building waiting for the kids. Janine walked by and gasped. 

"What are you doing?" 
"What's knitting?"
"What I'm doing. (laugh)"

She didn't get it, but she sat right down and asked more questions. What was I making, what were those sticks for, is that string, is that hard, can I do it, can I try.

I just so happen to carry an extra pair of needles and some yarn just for these reasons. Everywhere I go there is interest in what I'm doing just sitting there moving my hands back and forth for no apparent reason.

I started a small cast-on for Janine on the needles and showed her how to knit across. She picked it up quickly, so I showed her how to purl. A little harder, so we went back to knit. She knit 6 inches by the time here mom came around. That day I gave away my extra set of needles and yarn and smiled because a new love of knitting was born.

Later on Janine found me again on the front lawn, but this time I was crocheting an amigurumi. Can't remember which one though. She LOVED it! She WANTED one! I didn't have time to teach her, but told her I'd make her one. I'd choose, ok? OK!

Voila! Janine.

The re-do came when I asked Janine for her turtle so I could take a picture of it for this blog. I gasped at it's ugliness...
I wasn't very good at these ami's back then I guess, so I re-made her. She was well loved, no doubt. But was in need of an update with new skills and new trappings.

Janine still loved her. As I love her.