Thursday, February 27, 2014

Granny Square Blanket ~ WIP

My, my! Aren't you just a riot of color? Look - at - you!

Just another WIP. I want to come up with a really fun name for this blanket. It reminds me of a carnival. Any suggestions? Something like Granny's Blue Ribbon Blanket? Or Crazy Clown Frenzy? (guffaw)

It's way outside of my typical color choices, but it's using up my stash so I like it. All those little balls are disappearing fast! The only yarn I purchased was the turquoise I'm using to glue it all together. My plan is to have it be big enough for a twin bed topper.

I find it deeply satisfying to work with these colors while Spring is on the doorstep. It makes my heart pitter-patter in anticipation of tulips, crocus, apple blossoms, and county fairs.

Yes, please!

I will update as the project progresses.  

~ S 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Array of Happiness ~ WIP

This is Array by Shibui Knits. It is stunningly beautiful! A soothing, easy knit. I highly recommend it!
One of three WIP's. I will be posting the other two shortly. 

I did not stick with the yarns recommended in the pattern. However, I am happy with the results I am getting. I chose to use Bristol Yarn Gallery's King George, a worsted weight yarn, which is sadly discontinued. The blend of cashmere, wool, and alpaca make for the softest, squishiest feel to the yarn. My LYS was having a great sale after Christmas and I found all I needed in the discount/discontinued bin. I was a happy knitter!

I cannot WAIT to get this around my neck!

In the Shibui pattern, one yarn is a fingering weight and the other is worsted. This creates the effect of one color (the grey merino) standing out and above the thinner yarn (orangey-pink Staccato). The worsted weight merino is a thicker yarn so naturally it will overshadow the fingering weight Staccato. Fingering weight is a yarn you would use to knit socks. 
I chose to use worsted on both yarns. This creates a different effect. Both ridges of color pop on their turns. You can see this effect in the photo above. It's awesome!

The pattern is easy to follow, simple to memorize, and is knit in the round. I believe the most challenging part may just be to remember to slip the stitches purlwise with the yarn IN THE BACK on the purl rounds. It's just something I can't remember to do. (shrug) But when I get to those purl stitches, it's easy to see why you want to slip with the yarn in the back, so it helps. 

The picture above shows what the inside looks like. It's super soft and lofty. It reminds me of how Fair Isle knitted sweaters feel. 

You see all those ends to weave thanks, but worth it. Totally.
About 50% of the way there.
I'll update when she's done.