Little Sack Boy Costume

For Halloween, my son wanted to be a Sack Boy from the hit video game "Little Big Planet". Despite the fact he didn't want to wear any makeup or a mask, we came up with a pretty good set-up.

I purchased a sweat pant/shirt. I had to go with black because they had NO brown. Sack Boy is brown! I was able to work around that one because Sack Boy also changes his colors on the game. So this particular Sack Boy was gonna be BLACK! The problem was that everyone thought he was a skeleton! The zipper does look like a ribcage a a quick glance at the door. Praxton quickly corrected them by stating, "No...I am a Sack Boy!"  =)

I created the zipper tines out of grey felt purchased at our local craft store. I cut out equal sized rectangles 3" long x 1-1/2" wide. Then I laid them out on his shirt from the bottom of the collar to the top of the hemline in the shirt. Each one is lovingly sewn on by hand! (What was I thinking??)

The zipper pull is made in four parts. A circle, a strip cut 6" long x 1- 1/2" wide, and the zipper (make 2). The circle is about 4" wide. The zipper is about 8" long. When I began the zipper I wanted to cut out the top, but found the felt would rip easily if left to narrow. So to solve it I cut a slit in the top portion instead. Then the 6x1" strip just slid through and voila! no ripping. 

Grey Felt
White embroidery thread
Sharp needle
Sweat shirt

Constuction: Sew the 2 zipper sections using blanket stitch. Sew around the outside, inside of open space and around the edge of the slit. This will reinforce every area. Believe me! It will get played with A LOT!

Blanket stitch around 6x1" strip. Slide though slit in zipper, fold in half and sew closed. The zipper will now hang from the strip! Handy!

Blanket stitch around edge of the circle. This is mostly for aesthetics and structure.

Sew the strip and zipper onto the center of the circle.

Center entire zipper over zipper tines and sew through sweat shirt and zipper. I used the existing stitches created by the blanket stitch to hide my work.


We completed the outfit with a black hat, gloves, socks and shoes. I tried some make-up, but it was weak at best. A little smile and some blackened eyes. Whatcha gonna do?


~ Amimommy


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