Mansi's New Friends

I just love this pattern!  (click for link)

Sunny Girl

This "Mansi" was created for my oldest daughter for Valentine's Day. I decided to make her a sunflower. The beauty of this pattern is its complete versitility. Any flower can be made. Even ones from the land of your imagination!
Using contrasting thread for the eyelashes and mouth was a great success. The bow turned out bigger than the original pattern because I used a worsted weight yarn instead of a sport/baby weight yarn. I think I like the bigger bow. It fills up the flower's face a little more. So cute!

Spike (of course)
This "Mansi" is for my son. He's the boy version. I worked up the pattern and will post it shortly. It's nice to have them both, boy and girl, cuz what boy wants a cute, little flower with a bow in her hair? I thought of the eyepatch instead of the bow just for pure boy power. I also blocked the pointy petals to make sure they stayed pointy. A good spray with a water bottle and some T-pins did the trick. So! =)

The original "Mansi"

The original "Mansi" was given to my second daughter. She is perfect for her. The bow, the colors, the rosy cheeks! All perfect! I was nice to have her already completed and ready to go. She even wore her Valentine's Day colors! =)

Each Mansi takes maybe a day to complete, if you have a good swath of uninterrupted time. Two days at the most. One to make all the pieces and the second to sew and embroider. Be sure to stuff the faces firmly. They hold their shape so much better. 

~ Amimommy


  1. They are all so super cute! I will have to make all three and maybe make another friend for the garden. If I come up with a pattern that works I will send it to you to add to your collection. :)


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