A new addition to the family

 This is Kloee.
She's a birthday kitty.
Given with reluctance to a newly minted 13 year old, a friend of my oldest daughter.
I say reluctance because, well, look at her!
She's precious!

I am always reluctant to give away my creations. 
I become attached to them because they take so much time to make.
And, they always turn out better than I expect them to be.
So I mourn that they leave the nest so soon...

I hope "the friend" loves her new Kloee.
I told my daughter if she even slightly sneers at it to take it back and bring her right back home.
She can be happy on my shelf.
13 year olds, pshht.


She loved her, by the way...
I mean, who wouldn't... (sniff)

 I'll be back soon with all the goings on around here. I have lots to share!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS ~ I used this pattern for Kloee. The scarf too. Her mouth is a small piece of white felt embroidered with black (size 10) crochet thread. I just glued it on. Eyes are size 6 mm. 
Yarn is Lion Brand Wool-ease on size E-3 hook.

~ Amimommy


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