Granny Square Blanket

My, my! Aren't you just a riot of color? Look - at - you!

Just another WIP. I want to come up with a really fun name for this blanket. It reminds me of a carnival. Any suggestions? Something like Granny's Blue Ribbon Blanket? Or Crazy Clown Frenzy? (guffaw)

It's way outside of my typical color choices, but it's using up my stash so I like it. All those little balls are disappearing fast! The only yarn I purchased was the turquoise I'm using to glue it all together. My plan is to have it be big enough for a twin bed topper.

I find it deeply satisfying to work with these colors while Spring is on the doorstep. It makes my heart pitter-patter in anticipation of tulips, crocus, apple blossoms, and county fairs.

Yes, please!

I will update as the project progresses.  

~ Amimommy 


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