The Cousin Series - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Britney

Dearest Britney,
I remember thinking about what to make for you for during the Cousin Christmas. I remember asking Sage what I should make for you. We just couldn't decide. So we scrolled through the pages and pages of inspiration until Sage squealed, "That one, Mom! That one!" I recently made another of these little piggies for an auction to raise money for some girls who wanted to go to camp, that's how much I love this pattern. It's easy to make and is soooo cute!

I have enjoyed making these next few amis for you. (Chapters 5-7) I hope to be able to make many more at your request or just because I want to give you something special. I know you will grow more and more mature over the next few years, but I hope these little cuties will continue to be something that makes you smile. Something that brings you my love.

I admire your quiet sweetness, your love of books, and drawing. (so like your sweet mother) When I think of the short, small times we have had together, a winsome smile crosses my face. You inspire me to love and reach out to those in need, just like you do. You have always brought me happiness even when you were being tested. Your strength is amazing. Your patience is even more amazing.

Don't be surprised to find a new ami in the mail once in a while. When you see it, just know I've been thinking of you!

All my love for always,
~ Amimommy


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