Piggy-pie goes to auction

 Here is the third ami I made for the auction. She's as simple as simple can be.

The pattern comes from the Lion Brand Yarn website, but I've made a few tweeks to get it the way I like it. I also added a few felt touches because I really like the way the felt looks on some pieces.

There are two itty bitty black circles on the nose and a cute little felt rose above the tail. Piggy-Pie is the first to sport my felt heart on her rear. I think that's what I'll do for my "tag".

I just love the curly tail!

Next up: the Cousin Series continues! Chapters 5 - 7

~ Amimommy


  1. This lil piggy looks like it's running around the page...it is soooooo cute! Im lovin' the lil curly tail...awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thanks for sharin sis...hope all is well with you guys!


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