Boxies ~ Part 1

I would like to introduce Sage's newest creations, Boxies.
 She even created the name!

She made these cuties over the summer. 
All from her own inspiration!

This one happens to be mine and is the perfect way 
to start the next couple of posts.

I just love the way these Boxies look. 
With the big stitches and the child-like face.

She has even been commissioned by Ronana 
to make some Boxies for Halloween.

We are looking forward to seeing her Boxie 
version of a skeleton, pumpkin, bat, witch, etc...

I just love it when I see this kind of creativity in my children.

It's another wonderful way to spend time with them.

Sage hopes you enjoy the next couple of posts.

Each Boxie is completely original.

~ Amimommy


  1. ...soooo...
    These are totally cute OF COURSE a lil Sage came up with the idea! I'm in love! What an original and fabulous idea lil girl! I look forward to seeing more and more...(and soon you will appreciate your mother's hard work and tired fingers as demand for your cuties becomes more and more) ;) hehehe. Im loving all your blogs sister...thank you for including me in this as well! :D


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