Witchy the Puma

'Tis Christmas time! Yippee!

I love this Christmas-y time of year! (to quote a wonderful old snowman) It brings me such happiness! I love, love, love making things for people! I love giving them away! I love bringing smiles and ooo's and ahh's. It's such a pleasure to make people happy!

Well, this year my dear cousin Kim and I get to make a special little Jaycie happy! Her request to Santa was a rainbow, polka-dotted puma! I believe that's a tall order for "Santa's little mama elf"! So after being contacted by Kim, I decided this was the most appropriate arena in which to carry out this request. Where in the world could you create something so...random, than in Amigurumi land!

Little Jaycie is at the magical age of 4-5 years old. She still loves pink, sparkles, kitties, princesses, and baby dolls. A little tea party here and there won't hurt either. I have only had very rare occasions to be with Jaycie, but I see all girl in that little one there! =) 

So choosing the colors for the "rainbow" were easy. I erred on the "girly" side of everything. The pinks were pinker, the blues more pastel. The orange is about the most garish it gets. The polka-dots are lime green and hot pink felt. Cut into tiny circles and glued on. So, Mom it's easy to replace them! Hint, hint!

The pattern I used was a mixture of the famous Ami-neko and a new pattern called Moko the Cat. Both whom I love! She's kinda a mish-mash of all the things I've done. I love the flat arms and legs on the Ami-Neko because it makes the figure poseable. Moko just has the most fabulous head and ears. So, I guess she's a little like Frankenstein's monster. Ha!

I created a little purse for her to carry over her little shoulder. Every girl should have a purse! I embroidered some pink flowers on it too, just for girly kicks. The bag part is basically the bottom half on one of the feet finished off and then a 30-40 chained, turned, and single-crocheted-in-every-chain-until-end strap. Easy, but so cute! Here's a better picture of the purse:

On her little tail I made a miniature version of the popular crocheted flower used in headbands, barrettes, and such. Using baby yarn and a E-4 hook I got what I wanted. You can find that pattern anywhere. Just Google crocheted flower and you'll find it! I wanted to cover up the seam that showed between the tail and the body. It's just cleaner, girly-er, and so cute!

Here she is when she was all apart and almost finished. I had one more
leg, ears, flower and purse to complete. The curly-cues are all my "long-tail" ends. 
I use them to sew on the limbs and head. You can see the colors better here too.

here she is all ready to be shipped for Christmas! 

Merry Christmas Jaycie!
 Good job "Santa's little Mama Elf"! 

Nothin' for me thanks.
I'll just sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of giving.
Thank you very much!

All my love Jaycie!

~ Amimommy

PS ~ Please send me the name of your puma. I'll add it to the blog post title.
I know if it was my kid's it would be something like, "Rainbowee" or "Dottie".
To each her own! =)

:: Update ::
Jaycie named her "Witchy", the rainbow polka-dotted puma. <3


  1. This is so classic you. I love it! The bag, the dots, the flower....PERFECT! Lots of OOOO's and AWWWWW's from a lil Melia over here. She loves checking your blog :)


  2. I loved reading about all the thought and details you put into Puma! I can't wait to tell you the name!! Thank you again, so very, very much! Where else would I have found a rainbow, polka-dotted Puma to fulfill her Christmas wish? :)


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