Do Not Disturb! (Genius at Work)

I just wanted to stop in and say "Hi"! 

I'm currently working on two things: 
1. A couple of new patterns 
2. Trying not to be distracted by lovely, lovely things.

The greatest thing about the bookcase above is that I can see EXACTLY how to make this from a cute side table and a bookshelf. Can you see it?

This was at Pier 1 Imports and costs a pretty penny. I believe I could duplicate it for next to nothin'. 

Wanna bet???

Patterns will be coming soon. Just pictures and one more example to make.


PS ~ much knitting going on too, btw. There's been a tragedy on a sweater I have been knitting since September. I "frogged" it. (rip it, rip it) It was ghastly when completed. Not my fault, I've rationalized, because I knitted it to gauge, with the right yarn, and blocked it to the right measurements. The finished product just wasn't what the pattern and the model said it was. Plain and simple. (PAS) It was going to be just lovely though...going to be.

I've hit a few of these senarios recently. But I don't lose faith. I just learn that quality patterns and quality yarn, knit with quality needles, produce a quality product. PAS!

Be back soon!

~ Amimommy


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