Oh! The Dreams I Dream!

Oh the possibilities! 
I could see these done in felt or crochet!
Rick rack and ribbon!

My mind is whirring...

Owl:  Wouldn't they be delightful as amigurumis? My favorite is the owl looking upwards! The bobble bottom of the owl would look so cute worked in the round! You could put extra weight in the bottom to have the owl wiggle waggle back and forth like a punching bag. Rick rack, ribbon, and fabric could create the wings and feather features. And the eyes...the bigger the better!

Matroyshkas: I just love these dolls! I would love to try them in crochet, but felt would be lovely too. 
The flowers and the cupie doll lips! Love!

Hopefully I can get through my current WIP's so I can move on to these! I'm serious! 
You will see them here soon. Maybe with a pattern too.


~ Amimommy


  1. Oh, PLEASE do the dolls in felt! I would drool- it would be perfect! Just saw the cutest Matroyshka coin bank and matching sheet set at Target by the way.

  2. SERIOUSLY! Wouldn't they be soooo cute!? Target you say? I'll have to take a very special trip to Idaho Falls to take a look...ain't no Target in these here parts. =)


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