The Color of Late Summer

This is SUCH a gorgeous pattern and this is UNBLOCKED!
I cannot wait for the finished product.

I found this pattern at Jimmy Beans Wool
A general knitter's go-to place to find all the bits and bobs you need to be a stellar knitter. 
You know, yarn, patterns, notions, fabric, etc.

The yarn used for the example in the pattern is a lovely 100% silk/mohair combo. 
You can tell by the picture on the website the drape is phenomenal! I wish!  0..o
Then there's real life and real budgets. 
For me, splurging on silk and mohair isn't in the stars. Especially after the back-to-school hit. Nope. 
Enter Goodwill.

Goodwill can be good to me at times. I found two really special balls of yarn. 
One I used to make the Mini Granny Cowl. 
Oooo it was super soft and very fun to crochet with. Someone had good taste. 
The second was the lovely yellow above. It's definitely not your average acrylic yarn. 
It's wool and it's "buttery" and it's "squishy" and it's lovely. 
What a find! 
Some people love the T-shirt find or the furniture find. 
I have learned to love the yarn find. 

I renamed the pattern Vincent's Apron because it's the name of the Tao Silk yarn used in the pattern. 
My yarn was so similar in color I couldn't resist. 
The name makes me think of Vincent Van Gogh and his most exquisite Sunflowers.

Courtesy of Wikipedia
 The colors are quite complimentary. 
Wouldn't Van Gogh have had some of this color on his painting apron?
Makes me wish my pictures were better...the color is just wonderful!

I'll be sure to capture Vincent's Apron when completed. Fully blocked. 
In all its glory.

PS ~ yes, those are double pointed needles with point protectors on the tips. 
I didn't have a Size 9 short needle for the 28 stitches and couldn't stand using my uber long ones. 
So, necessity being the mother of invention...
the DPN's work like a dream.

~ Amimommy


  1. Reminds me of winter wheat- lovely

    1. Winter wheat!? That's a lovely description. Maybe I'll rename this scarf on Ravelry when I'm done. Over 50% finished...


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