Stainless Steel Barf, I Mean Scarf

Hello again! I would like to introduce you to THE MOST OBNOXIOUS SCARF EVER KNIT!

Ok, well it's not the scarf that's's the "yarn"! The scarf is actually rather pretty. 
Not warm in the least, but it will be fabulous in Spring!

This "yarn", (I put it in quotes because I don't think it should be categorized as yarn), is the most tedious "yarn" to knit with EVER! It is produced by Lion Bran Yarn. They have labeled it Stainless Steel yarn. To be fair to the "yarn", it's an amazing thing to produce a lace weight yarn woven with stainless steel fibers. The "yarn" keeps its shape or can be squished into something you would find in a post-apocalyptic world. It's very cool "yarn". See below:

But to be fair to the knitter, it's an amazing thing to get through the cone (two cones with two "yarns" held together) without throwing the cone away! You begin to wish for the elated feeling of being free from one of those WIPs that last a little too long! 

I gave this "yarn" way too many chances. It was a knit project, then a crochet project, then a knit, then crochet one more time, then finally knit. My own "throw your hands in the air! What am I going to do with this" plain ol' garter stitch scarf knit on size 10 needles! I just couldn't find the right thing to do with this stuff! And throwing it out seemed unfair because I spent $20.00 4 years ago! Every time I began a new version I hated working with it more! By round 5 I was row 5 too! Crochet was the worst. Can't even see the stuff! I just wanted it gone!

I have heard and it's true, Habu Textiles makes a stainless steel yarn and has a pattern for a scarf called the Kusha Kusha Scarf, but I wouldn't touch that thing with a 1,000 foot pole! Mind-numbing! Seriously, a scarf is all you CAN do. I happen to like Habu's version of this "yarn" because they have combined it with a fuzzy merino wool. Yarn Harlot even blogged about it here. Funny how she felt the same way about her experience with stainless steel "yarn". She even drops an apocalyptic reference...

 Well, here's the token selfie. I refuse to give it more than that. I'm just grateful it's done.



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