This Socks!

One of my most favorite things to knit is socks! 
They are quick to knit, easy to transport, and make great vacation/car trip/playdate/playground knitting. 
Below is Red Heart's Heart and Sole in Razzle Dazzle. 
(oooooo, love this one)

I actually have knit 10 pairs of socks to date. I can only document four here.
Three pairs have homes in Boise ID, Pocatello ID, and Mesa AZ. 
For the Pocatello socks, I used MadelineTosh Sock in Badlands. A Father's day gift.
Mesa was a lovely Shibui fingering weight Staccato in Velvet. Christmas.
 Boise was a Patons Kroy Sock yarn in Grey Brown Ragg. (picture two pics below, red and brown - WIP) 
White Elephant party gift - (I only had one sock made. Had Second Sock Syndrome. 
Made the other before New Year's because she liked them so much. Backfired!)
For Pocatello and Mesa I used this great pattern from Knitting To Stay Sane. 
(Scroll down a bit until you see the Nice Ribbed Sock pattern.)
I use the heel from this pattern on all my socks now.
Two were worn out with use and scraped. 
I used Patons Kroy Socks Summer Moss Jacquard for one (my first sock ever) 
and a yarn I purchased from Big Lots. 
I have no idea what the yarn was. 
I do remember it was made in Turkey. Hmmm...
The final pair was not a true pair of socks, but yoga socks. 
You know this pattern where your toes are uncovered as well as your heel. I hated them. 
They were too big and I felt it was a waste of yarn. I frogged them and wound the yarn back up. 
It was another ball of Patons Kroy Socks in Summer Moss Jacquard. 
I believe it's still lying in wait, but it's so kinked up I don't want to use it. It'll be craft yarn. 
The four pictured here (three below and one above) are the socks I knit for myself. I love them!!

I truly love using self-striping yarn. The change of color is refreshing when knitting in the round. 
Sometimes the patterns even reflect a little bit of Fair Isle patterning. 
The green on the end is Red Heart's Heart and Sole in Green Envy. 
Middle is Patons Kroy Sock in Blue Striped Ragg. 
End is Patons Kroy Sock in Fern Rose Jacquard. 
For my basic pattern I use a pattern I downloaded years ago. 
Its designer Liat Gat is found on Ravelry with many more patterns than when I first found her. 
You can download the pattern I use here.
I like to use this one because it allows me to change out the heel pattern easily. 
I also can adapt the instep or ankle area as well to other designs based on her basic pattern. 
My first pair of socks was knit on double pointed needles. Tough! 
After being introduced to the Magic Loop technique I have rarely gone back to DPN's. 
They are invaluable in your knitting collection, but for socks I LOVE to use Magic Loop.
I typically use size 2 or 3 needles for my foot size. I like my socks snug around my foot. 
The size 2's get that for me every time. 

These little lovelies above are my current sock WIP's. 
The blue/black/red combo is Red Heart's Heart and Sole in Congo. 
The brown/grey/red combo is Patons Kroy Socks in Grey Brown Ragg. 
The brown/grey/red I just had to knit for myself after giving away the first pair. 
I love the big, fat stripes it produces when knit in a small round. 
So 12 pairs total! Nice!
Plenty more a-comin'!

~ Amimommy


  1. Beautiful!!! I want some!! You are so talented!! You also need a pin button, so I can pin your marvelous creations and get you lots of followers!!!

    1. Oh Hannah! You are so kind! Thank you! You know, if you hover over the photos on the post you like you will see a big ol' Pinterest "P" show up in the right hand corner. If you click it, it will let you pin to your board. Thanks for wanting to do that! I'm glad you're still checking in from time to time. =)

      ~ S


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