First Yarn Bomb 2014


Oh, this was too much fun! My first yarn bomb project!
It was completed last week on April 30th after a month of work.


It all began in the wonderful brain of our school's art teacher, Catherine Reinhardt. 
Being a gifted artist herself, she had a vision!
The 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade classes were all gonna make it come true 
during their Monday and Wednesday elective art classes.
So, when the email went out for volunteers who knew how to knit or crochet, I jumped at it!


Over the month together, Catherine and I became friends. 
I grew to admire her tenacity and flexibility when things needed to move in a different direction. 
The kids worked well on the project and enjoyed seeing it come together near the end. 
When we actually began sewing all the random pieces together,
Catherine would let out a great sigh of relief that it really was going to work out. 
Personally, I could not have foreseen how wonderful it would actually turn out to be!

~ Amimommy


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