Multiplicities of Cuteness

Just to show you how darling this Cuteness pattern can be when done in many different shades!

These were made for some students that attend the school where we did the yarn bomb. 

The first pair of Cuteness-es are made from an older acrylic stash yarn. Very squeaky and coarse. 
The second is made from a 100% cotton yarn made by Lily Sugar & Cream 
in colorways Country Stripes and Hot Green. 

The kids brought the yarn from home or purchased it themselves instead of paying me to make the dolls. I used my eyes, fiberfill, and skills to finish the rest. Plus, I kept the rest of the yarn as "payment". It adds to my stash. I'm happy, they're happy. =)

I also made some piggies, owls, and a few Endermans and Creepers. 
Here's one of the piggies (from here and here):

and owl (from here):

I failed to take some snaps of the Endermans (2) and the Creeper.
The Endermans were made in a neon blue and grey. The Creeper in the same neon blue. 
In reference to the Creeper, I use this pattern for the body and legs (it's the best one out there)
 and used my pattern here for the head. 
They were very well received by the boys I made them for.

So, if you are thinking of making one or have it in your Queue on Ravelry, Go for it! 
Your son/daughter, grandson/daughter will love it! 

~ Amimommy


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