The Glory of Late Summer, finished in Late Fall

I took this picture in the late morning sunlight. 

There are so many things at work here that I love. The sunlight, the yarn, the scarf itself, the crisp morning air, the blue sky, the smell of winter, a job well done. Oh, it is so fulfilling to have completed a project and still be in love with it. That is not always the case. I've started some and hated them. So much so, that I ripped them right out and threw the yarn into my stash with a sneer. But, you shrug, move on and continue to fall right back in love.

And I am in love with Vincent! This scarf makes me smile. I enjoyed working the lace stitch it involved. It found its own rhythm and was old hat be the time I was half way through. Oh, don't get me wrong, I had to rip out a number of rows because that one yarn-over didn't make it in there! Ooooo, that chaps my hide!
But, I persevered!

Now he is completed. 
I have him wrapped joyously around my neck, nuzzling into the bouncy depths. The yarn was a Goodwill find, a wool blended with something most likely. It gives that itchy, woolly feeling to my neck, but there's a softness that eases the scratch. So, sadly, I have not a soul to credit for this yarn.

If you'd like to attempt this pattern yourself, I have the link to the website here.  
Ugh, those pictures! They were terrible rainy day pictures. My apologies! Luckily I have a few days of gorgeous sunlight here to take some pictures that tell the true story of Vincent's Apron. My new love! 

Now, I must go for a walk to allow Vincent to do his job! Enjoy your last days of Autumn wherever you are.



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