Turq and Pea

Turq and Pea


Two very sweet versions of Cuteness the Fish. You can find the original pattern here

For Turq, as in Turquoise, I used worsted weight yarn (in turquoise and purple) and a G-6 hook as called for in the pattern. He is exactly the same size as Cuteness, about 4" (bottom to top of large fin) by 5" (from small fin to small fin).

For Pea, I used a sport weight yarn (in pea green and silver) and a E-3 hook. 
This created a slightly smaller version of Cuteness, about 3" (bottom to top of large fin) by 4" (from small fin to small fin).

These cuties will be going to two special girls in my neighborhood. 
They requested them after seeing my post for the Cuteness the Fish pattern. 
I happily agreed! 

It's simply and gloriously fulfilling to create these darlings for people! 
I love making this little fish!


  Turq and Pea


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