The Cousin Series - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Everett

Everett is the fourth child in our little Boise, ID family. He is also the LAST, according to his mother!

Everett gave her a run for her money when he decided to come. He was coming quick, so quick in fact that she didn't have time to get the epidural going. (you know, past 8 centimeters you are in the hands of God) I think she tapped into the power of the earth and of heaven, and of all women-kind, found the strength, endured the unspeakable pain and fatigue, and pushed! Thank goodness she did because now we have Everett. Way to go Mom A!

Everett is a quiet, gentle boy. He, like his brother Soren, was born far away in the the lovely land of Idaho, so I haven't had much time with him. However, I have spent a weekend. It speaks volumes. Everett loves his mama. He wanted to be with her all the time. Even when he was supposed to be sleeping, much to Mom's chagrin. Not always a consistent sleeper, he wears a little thin on the virtues of babies everywhere. But, makes up for it by the love he shows to his mom and dad. I haven't seen him for almost a year now and I'm sure he's working out just fine.

This little bear is a miniature version of this pattern. I used a sport weight yarn and an E-4 hook which gives him his petite body frame. I had also been incorporating felt into some other amis around that time and thought he could use a little something else, hence the star on his belly. I used yellow embroidery thread to sew the applique on. It seems to give it that heirloom toy feel. I also like how the "pooh-bear" face came out. This is the old "pooh-bear" face, not the newer Disney version. Argh, he's so cute!

Again, Everett, I would love to make you your own choice sooner or later. How about this?

Or this?? ---------------->                              



  1. So it normal for Melia to be TOTALLY freaking out about the tool set ones??? HA! What a little Tom-boy she is! Your Everett is DAH-LING! I do love his "pooh" facial expression for sure! According to Melia he is the "boy-version" of the CareBears since he has a green star patch on his belly...she also wondered aloud (which was probably a mistake considering I was sittin with her) what his "power" was...I told her he could shoot green booger slime from his belly all over the mean guys, thus rendering them oh man you should have seen the stink-eye I got from her on that one. HAHAHAHAHA...ehh it's worth it...I gotta get my jabs in when I can, she's a sly one that Melia. :D Love love love the work your doin!!!! Love you as well!!!


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