A Promise to Melia

This one's for Melia! My little Hawaiian girl!

I created this little cutie for an auction to raise money for the young women in my ward. I actually made 3 of them. They'll be up next.

Once I finished sewing all 8 legs on and poking the eyes in, I felt she, well "it" at that time, wasn't quite finished. No eyelashes, no flowers, no pink cheeks, she was just an "it". Boy or girl? I asked my kids. Praxton said boy...(of course). Skylar said girl...(of course). Sage said she wanted to see both, so I tried. The minute I sewed on the mouth, I knew she was a she. Sorry Sage!

The flowers are little tiny pieces of felt, just snipped with the tiniest pair of scissors. I also have a HUGE bucket of beads from all those past projects so I found complementary colors and added them for the centers. I just love how she turned out!

Of course, I had the hardest time giving her away! Actually I wanted to mail her to Melia, in Hawaii. (so far away...(tear) ) She would love this little cutie! But, she was promised to someone else and we keep our promises around these here parts! =)

Melia Leilani, meet Leilani! She loves you and doesn't even know you yet! I hope to send you one soon!  xoxoxoxoxo Little Hawaiian Girl!

~ Amimommy

PS - The pattern for "Leilani" is found in this book. Enjoy!


  1. Unbelievably CUTE!!! The detail is so amazing! Of course Melia is in love...the description is so beautiful as well. Much love my sister!


    1. It makes me happy to hear those words!
      All my love right back!


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