The Cousin Series - Chapter 1

...and so begins the "Cousin Series".  

Chapter 1: Addy

Two years ago I vowed that I would make an amigurumi for each one of my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I was feeling confident in my ami-making skills and knew I could probably figure out which amis they would like.  I began in July, only to finish just before Christmas! (I had 13 to make, come on!) I have pictures of most of them (hint, hint...Cees, Telacia, and Carla) and will share them all over the next little while! 

I also recently found the MOST AMAZING picture editing website, PicMonkey. Thank goodness for them in all their "free" glory! These older pictures are rough to say the least, but now they are all "monkey-fied" and are bee-ee-a-u-tiful. I made the first series all vintage-y. So perfect, because these toys are well played with and are all fuzzy with love.  Makes me happy!  

This first toy was for my niece, Addilyn. 

Cuteness abounds with Addy. She loves princesses, sparkles, well...all things girl. Big blue eyes, a sweet "Snow White" voice, and dark brown hair. Sigh...I love my Addy!  So the pink and white bunny with a heart was a no-brainer.   Her home is in Boise, Idaho. So very far away. (sniff) This bunny has been seen in the baby doll stroller, crib, and Batman cave. Yes, Addy is a girl, but very much surrounded by boys! 3 to be truthful, so the bunny's gotta mold to the current situation.

I love flexibility in a woman! Where's my crown?

Here's where to find the pattern. Again Lion Brand Yarn to the rescue! Yea!

I need pictures, check out "PicMonkey", and crowns are a must for all flexible women!
"So say we all!"

~ S


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Totally in love with the picmonkey!!!! Thanks for sharing that one! Ohhhh and as for your pics since we dont have the 'ol digital camera anymore I took a bunch of Melia's pickle (as she calls it) and rabbit with my canon and have to get em developed and put on a'll happen...I swear....I DO! Awww come on...dont ya believe me? :D hehehe

    1. My girls, I love reading your conversations. Your bantering always makes me smile. Thank you for sharing such fun with me. I love you both so much!!!!

    2. Couldn't you just scan it and send it to me, you know, jpeg?
      I love the "pickle"! =)

  2. :( no scanner (we don't even have a printer) but our horse and buggy work just fine, hehehe...I could hold it to my forehead and use my brain scan skills....but it only comes out in black and white :P No really we're pretty middle ages over here. Just my laptop and one crackly speaker. ahhhhh technology free-bliss may I forever be near you... ;)

    ps. I plan on chucking my cell phone into the ocean as soon as my "2 year agreement" to be t-mobile's female dog is done. HA!


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