I'm gettin' nuttin' for Halloween

Ok. Here's the perfect example of making a set of amigurumi with the wonderful intention of giving them away (to each of the kid's teachers) and they didn't quite make it out the door. This little Bat was so easy to make and so cute to look at I could have made a hundred more like him. Sage just couldn't part with him and I had made them (of course) the night before the Halloween party at school. Remember...tired floating hands, bloodshot eyes...sounds like Halloween! So I caved. Ms. M got nothin'.

This little Ghost was for Mrs. G., 2nd grade teacher extraordinaire! Notice the "was"...yep, caved. In all honesty, I like my version better than the one on the Lion Brand website. I used black felt for the eyes instead of the craft doll eyes. It's a different look but on this guy it's nice. I widened the smile and lowered the face to the bottom of the head. The plan was to sew hanging loops from their heads so they could be ornaments, but again, notice the "was".  Skylar begged for this cutie and won. ** FYI - If you click the link to the pattern and scroll all the way down to the comment section, you'll notice my comment oozing with all the intention in the world!** (epic fail)

I can truly count this little Skull as a success, not because he actually made it to his rightful owner, but because of the golden-hearted little boy who so willingly gave him up. Praxton wanted this skull so bad, but knew his teacher, Mrs. B (another extraordinary teacher) loved, loved, loved Dia los Muertos - the Mexican "Day of the Dead". What a fantastic holiday! She even had an activity where they created the Catrina skulls so synonymous with the holiday. Cool! He wanted her to have this and upon my promise that I would make him a black one with white eyes, he agreed. I have until this Halloween to deliver. Mrs. B loved it! Even now, she keeps it on her desk. What a boy!



  1. I DID check your comment on that site...you comment FIBBER!!! Ill give you a "thumbs down", "this review was NOT helpful" remark...hehehehehe. These are DAH-ling! Im in love with the skull as well...very "castle greyskull" and of course my first reaction to the ghost was "is that a sperm ghost...I mean whale...I mean...*sighhhh" I should be locked up, I know, I know.... ;)

  2. Bwahahahahahahahaaaaa! I know! I totally fibbed! But my intentions were pure, I promise. Dang, a "not helpful" mark! I might as well stop now and go wrap myself in my extra yarn and let my chickens peck my toenails! And..."Is that a sperm ghost...whale...sighhh", freakin' awesome! Because that's where my mind went too! Locking up in progress! =)

  3. http://behance.vo.llnwd.net/profiles16/295090/projects/1082627/f8b1925f0f77b162c4fdd784fb3f631e.jpg.......TO CUTE!!!!

    http://behance.vo.llnwd.net/profiles16/295090/projects/1082605/a3406d6d538a3053f6a01529ff4c2db7.jpg....This one toooooooo!!!!!


  4. Hellooooo....

    *pfft *pfftt

    Is this thing on?...



    1. Sorry, so long! I LOVE the pictures in the links you sent! I'll have to find a way to make you your own coral and cacti! So fun!



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