The Cousin Series - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Ripley

When it came to Ripley's ami, it was a no-brainer. But, I have to say, it was also pre-determined.
Ripley's father was is a "monkey-hoarder". (Love you "Papa" A.) His entire life has been a collection of monkeys. So when Ripley was born, it was natural for him to bequeath his collection of monkeys to his new little "monkey". Ripley has inherited his father's tendency for all things monkey (among other collection tenancies we all seem to have). So...when it came to Ripley, as I said, it was a no-brainer.

Ripley is quite possibly the sweetest, most intelligent little man I've ever met. He's tall for his age, handsome, and has the most adorable lisp. He loves bugs, frogs, Ronana, Legos, Ben 10, video games (who doesn't) etc... All big kid now, he has blossomed (can I say that about a boy) into a rip-roarin' 1st grader.  He loves his family and takes his oldest son position rather seriously. He lives in Boise, ID. (too far)

I just love this kid.

So, monkeys run in the family. This pattern came from a Lion Brand Yarn booklet I picked up at Michael's a long time ago. I remember completing him somewhere between the I-70 and the "Panguitch Pass" coming home from a wonderful visit to Utah. The weather was all sunny and GORGEOUS. I looked up at the mountains and sagebrush, added that last stitch to his funky smile, sat back and sighed. 2 down 11 to go...

~ S


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