Let's just take this little guy in for a moment shall we...

I know, I know. Every beginner has to start somewhere. 

This was where I picked up the thread or yarn in this case. 

This little bunny was the start of it all. 

I look at this little guy and chuckle to myself.  Those open stitches (you can see the stuffing), the terrible color change on his right leg, the uneven feet, the floppy neck...it all shows me where I've come from.

My boy loves him for it. "Quirky" belongs to my son. He loves the floppiness of him, the puzzled look on his face, the odd tilt to the neck. I wonder if it reminds him of his own face sometimes looking at this world with that same puzzled sense of figuring-it-all-out. I see it in myself too.

"Quirky" looks nothing like the example.  I think I prefer him that way.

Here's to learning! Enjoy the journey!  :)

~ S


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