The Cousin Series - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Soren

Ah, little Soren...
I have to admit I don't know much about my nephew Soren. He came along when his family was living in Missouri. They moved to Boise and I've been with him for a weekend since then. From that brief visit and by gathering information from family blogs and stories, Soren is an enigma.

FYI: Enigma - a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation 
(yeah, I had to look it up. Just to make sure it was the word I thought it was, shhh!)

Soren is quiet, but very loud. He wants to be alone, but wants others in the house. He sucks his thumb for comfort, but scratches his face with his little fingernails. He loves to watch movies, but then leaves them playing while he checks everything else out. Enigma? A cute little enigma!

Soren was still a little guy when I created this hippo for him. I had no point of reference for his likes or dislikes, so I picked the cutest one (only 5 inches long) and made it.  I've made another one for a friend's new baby and it looks nothing like Soren's. I love that about this creative medium. None of these little creatures are the same. Perfect for our little Enigma!  

I love you Soren! I can't wait to get to know you better. I promise I'll make another one just for you and your emerging personality.  Maybe THIS??   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

~ S


  1. Holy Guacamole!!!! Im totally in love with the hippo! It reminded me of the hippos on Fantasia. Also, I was cracking up at the Star Wars characters! The E-wok and Darth Vader....classic! You descriptions of all the cousins along with their animals is so wonderful to read. Im picturing each of them holding and loving their animals in their own special ways. Thanks for this. :)

    1. You are most welcome. It's been fun to have you read these. I'm basically writing them to you anyway. =)

  2. *Sniff * Sniff...I feel so special :D It's funny but when I read them I feel like we're having a face to face conversation. This brings me great comfort, especially being so far far away from you. Thus the reason for the occasional snide / sarcastic remark...heehee...cause you KNOW they'd be there if we were face to face anyway ;)


    1. I know!!! It's awesome!!! I've had many belly laughs just like our "Mountain Dew" study sessions...=)


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