"I" is what it's all about


The huge pool of talent ceases to amaze me!  

I mean, in how many ways can we reinvent a unicorn? Obviously, many!  I just love this website. She has the most darling faces on her amis. 

It's also amazing to me that everyone's unique personality comes through in their creations.  We all see this in the art, sculpture, knitting, crafting, etc we experience daily. My amigurumis have a completely "me" look. Roxycraft shows in hers. 

I think my children would be clamoring for a look at this cutie above. Each one would be requesting their own colorway and special touches. Sage would want a green colorway. Skylar would want the ENTIRE pink spectrum with a little sparkle thrown in for good measure and Praxton would want...probably...something in the way of a superhero color scheme. Ironman? Superman? (I mean it has to be a BOY unicorn, right?) Sheesh!

There would be requests for felt flowers attached, polka dots, black eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, a different smile, add a nose, please stuff softly so it can be squishy, please stuff firmly so it can stand up better, etc, etc, etc...

What I'm pleased with is that I CAN do these things for them. Happily, willingly.  It draws them close to me. They check in daily with their amis progress. They rejoice in its bits and pieces. I rejoice in their attention. They are sad when I have made a mistake and have to rip out all that work. They pat me on the back and furrow their little brows in true, sincere pity for my tired hands. They get me drinks of water, when what I really want is a Coke, 
"cuz water will keep me healthy." (melt) 

Days go by, the creation process is complete. My hands and arms have that tired, floating feeling. I usually finish in the wee hours of the night after their little eyes have closed. I LOVE to leave their ami on the kitchen table, posed just so.  Morning comes. The shadow of sleep falls from my eyes and I hear them playing with each other in the front room. A smile creeps across my face. I don't have to see the scene, I already know it. 

 My heart goes into these creations for them because they love me with all of theirs. Each is a unique process of creation and they go to a unique and lovely individual.  

All their own. 
As it should be.

Individuality. What a glorious thing!

~ S


  1. Beautifully written!

  2. Come on sister.....what's goin on in that brain of yours???? ;)

  3. I agree with Stacey, Steph. This is so beautifully written I could feel your peace and see your smile:) I love that you take the time to create. You will never regret it as I don't. I remember so well my mother years and all the worlds that were created. It is part of my heart, part of my life, part of who I am. I am so grateful that you two woman continue to create in each of your own ways and worlds. I love you!!!

  4. Ahhh mamas your the best! Steph Im lovin your bloggy! I want somethin' out of your head everyday!!!!(this was the reason for the "come on sister" comment above) COME ON!!!! It gives me something to do on this boring internet ;)


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