A Bailey Baby

I whipped this little guy up in two days for a sweet family and their soon-to-be baby boy. I'll name him (the toy) when we learn his name (the boy). 

I have had the pattern for this little guy in my Ravelry favorites for sometime now. It was just the perfect thing! Personally, I still don't like how my color joins jog on the back side, but meh, nobody's perfect. Always learning. As you can see my styling is so different from the pattern.

1. He's much smaller, stuffed tighter, and that blank stare, I love it!
2. He's shorter. Much more accommodating to small hands at this size, around 9 inches tall and 4 inches around.
3.  Ear placement. It's important! I took three pictures of him with three different ear placements. One directly on top of his head, one in their current position, and one lower - somewhere around his eye level. I then asked my kids which one was best. They voted the current one obviously. On top of his head he looked like a bunny. Lower was a Koala. Truly, it changed the look dramatically. I voted for the Koala look, but, hey, 3 against 1.  =)

Here's where to find him.

BTW, we still don't know the name of the Bailey's baby.
(giggle) We are voting for George...  =)

Congrats S & B!
We can't wait to meet him!

~ Amimommy

:: Update ::
Born in December 2012
Kellen "George" Bailey
He's beautiful!!!


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