One hump or two?

I love making amigurumis for others.

This sweet camel belongs to my cousin's daughter. She asked me to make him way back in May. She is mentioned in this post.

Excitement comes easily to me, so to receive a request sends me over the moon. I love the researching and the deciding. There are a couple of good patterns out there, but this one has the cutest face. Ok, maybe this one, but it wasn't online when I did this one back in May.

So it's decided. Now to find the right yarn and gather supplies. Ready...begin!

As I began to crochet the body, I was completely at a loss as to how this guy was going to come together. The hump/body section is a strange crocheting wonder. I admire the "out-of'-the-box" thinking it took to create it. Sheesh!

As I continued (in faith) it slowly dawned on me how this was supposed to work out. Wow! So if you try this pattern, press forward. He will turn out alright. The head, legs, ears, and tail are all pretty straightforward. But that body/hump? It's a doozy!

So the camel is done and I love him. Like I say above on the header of this blog, they are terribly hard to give away! And guess what? It took me until August to get around to it! Yep! Throw a long summer in Idaho and a complete family relocation to Idaho, this little guy sat in my knitting bag for 3 months! Every time I saw him, I remembered I needed to send him to that sweet, patient girl.

Needless to say, I am grateful to my cousin and her daughter for being so patient with me. He is now happily installed in his new home in Utah.


~ S


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