Teacher Gifts - Halloween

Halloween is upon us and every year I make something special for the kids' teachers. Last year's festive contributions were a bat, skull, and ghost. Take a look, here.

This year it's candy corns and who doesn't love candy corns?

I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website. Thank you LBY! I've made a few changes by giving them a sweeter-than-sweet personality.

I've been working on my embroidery of the "kawaii" smile. All three are different because I was trying out different renditions of the same smile. My favorite is the upper right hand candy corn in the above picture.

Just looking at these ami's makes me smile! The kids couldn't wait until Halloween so they'll be giving them to their teachers today. That's good because then they can add them to their Halloween decor on their desks.

How festive!
~ Amimommy


  1. Love these Steph. Wish I knew when you post like on The Measuring Stick.
    Anyways, so cute.


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