Snakes, Alligator, and...all done...oh my!

These last two pictures are among the oldest I've found. A year and a half ago. I had started the idea to post them on a blog so I could share with family and friends. I had only a few pictures then. These were the first two. Lost in time, they were, until now.

The top photo is a crocodile/alligator pattern from this booklet. I love the design. With a little tweaking, now that I'm a little better at that, it could be super great. I think I would make the feet one round bigger and the body 5 rounds longer before starting the head. The back spikes I would make one crochet stitch larger. So if the pattern asked for - half-double crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet - I would do - double crochet, treble crochet, double crochet. I'd like it to be taller and little more pronounced. I will have to make this again with my new skills. Oh yeah!! I think I still have the yarn in my stash.

The snake is one of the first amigurumi's I tried. You can tell. Gaps and weirdness happening all over that one! The pattern is found here. The fun thing about the pattern for the snake is that it curls around itself. After a few years of playtime, she doesn't quite do that anymore. She's a little curly, but nothing like her old self.

This post marks the last of the amigurumis I've made in the past. (Unless one rises)  =)

Everything from this point on will be new. I look forward to posting them as they are completed. I will also be sure to post anything we create be it amigurumi or crochet or knitting or felt or...whatever. That'll be fun!

Oh, and these both belong to Sage. Of course.
Alligators, Sage.
Snakes, Sage.
Dragons, Sage.
You see the pattern...   =)

~ Amimommy


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